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Air Delante delivers air services in emerging markets where there is no existing non-stop capacity by scheduled airlines.  Typically, we will focus on peak seasonal opportunities based on customer demand from the respective points-of-sale.

Our unique business model enables us to operate globally and to overcome traditional capacity and frequency limitations set by bi-lateral Air Service Agreements. Depending on the market, we will identify the most suitable aircraft capacity solutions, partner with destination stakeholders, then charter or wet-lease the capacity in order to implement flight programs, in conjunction with designing and offering tour products tailored by customer segment and point-of-sale.

Air Delante currently operates as a virtual airline and works with a range of aircraft operators, including scheduled airlines, to utilize excess seasonal capacity and to improve fleet utilization.  Our fleet focus is typically on aircraft with 150-400 seats; specifically: A350, A330, A320, A321, B777, B787, B767, B737NG aircraft families.

We also leverage our deep understanding of airline economics and network planning to identify aircraft capacity opportunities to charter or wet-lease and to identify and deliver aircraft capacity solutions.

For CONSUMERS, we focus on offering something new.  Typically, that means new and exciting nonstop destinations, or it could mean a better way to get to an already popular market or for an enhanced travel experience.

For AIRLINES, we offer a solution for utilizing excess capacity.  Do you have an aircraft entering or exiting the fleet, with some downtime and opportunity to earn revenue with the asset before they are assigned to a line, or before they are retired?  Do you have an aircraft that are under-utilized in the low seasons, where the capacity can be utilized elsewhere to earn revenue?  Air Delante can help you.

For TRAVEL AGENTS, we offer a solution for sourcing aircraft capacity and securing support from market stakeholders, in order for you to offer innovative new travel products to your customers, that’s a standout from your competitors.

For DESTINATIONS, we work with airports, tourism organizations, economic development authorities and governments to unlock the formula for creating new demand, especially new demand from fast-growing and valuable source markets like China and the rest of Asia.

Air Delante was established in 2017 and embodies over a decade of experience in delivering virtual airline services by leasing-in commercial airline capacity and resources while distributing the seats on a fractional basis to travel distributors in different geographic points-of-sale. We rely on the market knowledge and strength of our destination partners including airports, tourism authorities and operators, and government agencies to tailor an effective consumer marketing proposition. 

While our experienced team of travel agents provides high-quality service to the customer. We can do this in a variety of markets and methods. We essentially virtualize all of the functions of an airline. This can be done for programs using aircraft ranging in size from 35 seats to 350 seats. We focus on creating new products, typically in developing markets with the potential for rapid growth. We approach each customer segment with strategies designed to motivate the particular type of customer we fly.

We are especially strong in connecting Asia and the rest of the world, but that does not limit us to Asia. Over the past 10 years, our principals have conducted 10 flight programs and investigated many more in markets including; China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Seychelles, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Australia, New Zealand, USA, United Kingdom, France and others currently in development.

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